I’m Sick of My Cold – Bring on the Photoshop Brushes

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Recovering from a cold can be a bit of a drain so when the boredom started to creep in after resting all day it was time to turn on the computer. Plugging in an old hard drive I was delighted when I found three photos which needed some work. I had originally photographed this scene as three separate vertical images and now was the time to process them into one.

Stirling Ranges Original Images

Opening the three images in Photoshop I selected File > Automate > Photomerge. The computer steamed away and threw out the composition you see below. I trimmed the edges with a square crop and then began the process to connect myself emotionally with the image.

Last week I was inspired when I was driving along listening to a local Australian Broadcasting Corporation talk back show. There was an older Australian woman talking to the host about works of art, from what I gathered she was previously an art curator for the National Gallery. Unfortunately I didn’t catch her name but she said something which stuck in my mind, “A piece becomes a work of art as soon as the viewer connects emotionally with it”.  Hopefully I remembered the quote correctly but at the time I thought to myself that’s so true!

With this new thought running through my mind I set out using my Photoshop brushes and mountainous canvas to hopefully create a work of art. 

Stirlings 021

If you find yourself sick like me here’s four tips, which might help you get through the boredom.

1) Plug in an old hard drive and scroll through some RAW files to see what you may have missed.

2) Try browsing through some famous museums using Google’s Street View – Art Project to help with some artistic inspiration

3) Watch some Photoshop tutorials so you can improve your photography. If you want to think outside  the box try steering away from the common photography tutorials you may know. Instead look for Art Photoshop tutorials like this one found on Digital Arts – Master Photoshop CC’s new Perspective Warp tool for compositing photos. 

4) Once you have found some of your old photos sign up to an agency like ImageBrief and submit some of your photos to make some money. I found myself doing this quite a bit today (after resting).


How To Earn Money as a Stock Photographer

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Lavender 016

Stock photography is a different type of photography, it requires a commercial orientated eye.  It’s about knowing what a client wants and being able to deliver it by using various photography techniques. Over the years this genre of photography has changed the most. Agencies are becoming more mindful by supplying their clients a look that’s appealing and has a real world feel. A great portfolio example would be F Stop Lounge contributor, Suzanne Clements‘s own portfolio over at Stocksy.

Now as you are probably be aware there are many different stock agencies out there so it’s important to do you research when finding one to join. There’s a couple of things you should consider before joining an agency. The first is you’re not going to make a lot of money overnight (unless you are talented)  and secondly look into how much you are going to be paid as a photographer, i.e. what’s your share of the sale?

Some agencies I would recommend signing up to are:




and my personal favourite to sign up to is ImageBrief

Image Brief Logo

I like ImageBrief for the number one reason you deal directly with a massive pool of global clients. The client submits their brief online and all you have to do is upload a photo which matches their brief.  The benefit of this is you only shoot for the client and you don’t waste time shooting photos that might not sell. Oh and the other thing they pay you 70% of the clients assigned budget! Last month they were reported to pay out the top ten photographers just under 75K so if I was you I would be signing up straight away!

Wedding Photography - Leigh Diprose Photography

Below are a few tips to consider when signing up to become part of a stock agency. If you follow there few tips then you will be on your way to earning the big dollars!

– Only upload your best 10 photos to start off with, these are the pictures you might see in a magazine or on its cover.

– Develop a style of shooting which is bright, clean and simple. Too much distraction in an image will turn potential buyers away.

– If you’re a landscape photographer (or indeed any other type of photographer) be sure to photograph subjects both vertically and horizontally. This gives clients the option to choose a format based on their own designs.

– Never compare yourself to another stock photographer. Everyone is different and we all have unique tastes. Develop your own style and stick with it.

– When researching agencies to join be sure to browse through photographers portfolios to see what the agency generally likes. Will it fit your style?

– When photographing people make sure you obtain a model release so you can use the image commercially. Tip: You can find sample contracts in various photography contract apps.

– If you’re photographing buildings or famous landmarks seek a commercial or building licence in order to use the images commercially.

– Add keywords to your images so potential buyers can locate your images with a single search. If you don’t understand the importance of keywords check out our previously published video “How To Use Keywords in Lightroom 5″


Disclosure: If you sign up to ImageBrief with this link: www.imagebrief.com/r/rKqd5n there may be a $5K win in photography vouchers for me.

So please support me if you are a professional photographer by signing up to ImageBrief if you enjoy visiting F Stop Lounge :)

Sulfur Crested Cockatoo

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The cockatoo’s beauty revealed itself as the vibrant crown shone outstretched in brightness. The call was loud, alerting its flock to the whereabouts of my loitering. Pausing, I locked focus onto the bird’s-eye and shakily pressed the shutter, temporarily losing myself in its grandeur. The flamboyant, cocky and ever so loud character of this bird was what I wished to portray, an animal portrait if I may, and in a split second after checking the image I felt exhilarated to have captured it.

Captured using the Fujifilm X-E2

Sulfur Crested Cockatoo 001

When Taking Photos Time Disappears

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Does time disappear when you take photos? I know it does for me!

Recently over the last few months I have disowned this blog –  Camera Smash to put all my energy into growing F Stop Lounge. Now I feel F Stop Lounge is balanced in my photography world I’m planning on putting this blog back into good use by sharing my world.

Since November last year I have taken many photos, been busy with life and published article after article on F Stop Lounge, so I thought I might give you all a quick catch up on the last few months…here goes:

I moved to Melbourne as many of you may know now and after living with some great people who helped me find my feet it was time to find my own place. I had always wanted to live in an apartment so it felt right to move to trendy Prahran where every day seems to be different. I love being able to leave the apartment and walk down the street to find a new cafe or restaurant I haven’t been in. The image you see below was taken at the junction of Chapel Street & High Street, which happens to be my closest intersection.

Parhran 010

Driving alongside the trams in Melbourne is an interesting experience, so far I haven’t managed to hit any pedestrians!

While were talking about the subject of driving, I also managed to cross an experience off my bucket list. I finally made it to the 12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road. Yay for me! The scenes along the drive were spectacular and I would highly recommend travelling the road to see them. I can save you the trouble if you live far away by showing you some of the photos and also a video of my journey.

The 12 Apostles 020

The 12 Apostles 019

The 12 Apostles 001

Last month I was so excited when Andrew Newlun, one of F Stop Lounge’s contributors flew over from the USA to meet up on Landscape Photography Workshop based in Port Stephens, New South Wales. The workshop was run by Varina & Jay Patel (who also happen to be contributors to F Stop Lounge).

Both Varina & Jay are accomplished wilderness and landscape photographers who travel the world educating ‘beginners’ like me (and professionals) to take better photos. I learned so much at the workshop and I’m happy to say I gained two great friends in Jay & Varina and also many more who attend the workshop. I’ll make sure I include a link to their ebooks at the bottom of this article as there is some great info and tips on how to improve your landscape photography. I conducted an interview at the end of the workshop which you can watch below.

As I work for Fujifilm Australia the company was very happy to support the workshop by supplying gear for all of the participants who attended. The image below is Andrew Newlun in action modelling the Fujifilm X100s. For me this was a stand out camera during the workshop and also after when Andrew and I wandered the streets of Sydney…Andrew if you are reading this then I still need to find those images….lets hope I have them and haven’t lost them!

Andrew Newlun 001

Here are a few images I managed to capture on the workshop, starting with my latest image which I edited today. All the images shown below were captured using the Fujifilm X-E2.

Port Stephens 012

Port Stephens 004

Port Stephens 006

Port Stephens 008

Port Stephens 011

Port Stephens, New South Wales 009

Well I might leave it there for this update. If you want to see what else I have been up to then just check out F Stop Lounge where you can see some great articles, news and reviews. Also check out those landscape photography ebooks I was talking about earlier (links below). My recommendation is the complete collection – you’ll save quite a bit buying them this way.

Until Next Time – Happy Shooting!


Hot and Cold

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Water 025

Kudu Stare

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Impala 045

Melbourne Photo Shoot

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All these actors head shots were captured using the Fujifilm X-E1 with either the XF 55-200mm f3.5-4.8 or XF 60mm f2.4 Macro Lens

Melbourne Shoot 007

Melbourne Shoot 005

Melbourne Shoot 002

Melbourne Shoot 019

Melbourne Shoot 020

Melbourne Shoot 025

Melbourne Shoot 018


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leigh diprose, cheetah

Southern Yellow Billed Hornbill

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bird, africa, wildlife

Frenchmans Bay – Before The Storm

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Frenchmans Bay 001